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Custom Made Music

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Need Custom-Made Music for Your Project?

If your project needs custom-made music, we are here for you!

We have been in the music composing business for many years and our clients range from global corpoations to solo artists. We aim to provide high quality audio that suits your project.

Why Custom-Made Music?

Unique music can give a project the push that is necessary in today's fast pace world and can help deliver cohesive content. Some projects that have special requirements when it comes to audio, e.g musical scores , regional themes, unique instruments, etc. can also benefit from custom-made music.

How Does This Work?

Firstly, we aim to understand our clients' needs. A form to collect music requirements is to be provided to our clients for completion. In this form, we also ask for examples of music, if any, that they may find suitable for their projects.

Secondly, we send a link of our secured company server to our clients for the upload of screenshots, storyboards, presentation or video layouts before our composers begin the scoring process.

Lastly, after composing is completed, we upload the music to the server for the clients' download.


We believe we have a perfect solution for a successful project because we strive to provide high quality compositions and offer the most competitive pricing!

With this mindset, we offer prices that are affordable for individuals that have a smaller budget as well as the largest production houses. With an "easy to understand" licensing, we can work with you to provide awesome custom-made music to fit your budget. Contact us for more information and quotations!